Rhino Rush


RHINO RUSH is an energy supplement company based in Plano, Texas



Rhino Rush is proud to be officially certified as Texas Made and also a Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated company. You can find Rhino Rush products in over 67,000 stores in the United States. Rhino Rush’s unique formula provides the gentle but quick kick of energy. The ingredients used in Rhino Rush products are thoroughly researched. They are safe and work in the way you would want it to. No crash or jitters, they promise to provide you with a “smooth ride” when you take their energy supplements. In addition, they are proud to be certified as an Informed Choice for Athletes, meaning Rhino Rush is deemed safe for sports.


Rhino Rush is looking to help grow your category and give your customers another choice. Rhino Rush wants to have fun doing business while giving back to the community through their “Blessing the Lives of Others Campaign,” where they support an individual or organization in order to enable them to continue their mission of helping others in the community.

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