Business Management Process


Timing and communication is important. After you analyze the business you need to make decisions on what the priorities are for the next business period. This needs to be done multiple times a year. If you can create a planning cycle, the business always will excel. You cannot fail to plan the execution piece as well. It’s just as important as the reviews.


Retail execution is where things often fail – Not with us. We make sure our clients products make it to the shelf and are merchandised correctly. Often there are compliance agreements that are contingent on proper retail execution. We make sure our clients and customers are getting what they deserve, sets completed with 100% accuracy.


After the planning and execution, it’s time to assess and evaluate. Frequent evaluations identify big wins and prevent big losses. It’s not only about looking at items. We’re analyzing profit margins and penny profit, basket market, profits per linear square foot, GMROI and Price Elasticity.

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